Humans have been soft-wired over eons of evolution to love and respond to nature. We benefit so much from our contact with nature that taking care of it is now a responsibility we cannot unsee. 

But we live in a world where environment education has to be taught and nature walks have to be prescribed. So if you don’t set a clear intention to connect, you give away your power to build the relationship.

Our connection to nature and the lessons we've learnt from the wild keep us dedicated to its preservation. That's how we started working for the environment, while working towards our dream. We call it a “Zero-Waste Concept Store” and it's just the first step towards being a more considerate resident of Planet Earth.

India’s 1st ‘Zero Waste Fashion store’ in Juhu, Mumbai

Designer brand ‘Bhumika & Jyoti’  are rewriting the script and inspiring a new Fashion story by launching  India’s 1st ‘Zero Waste Fashion store’ in the high streets of Juhu, Mumbai. The designer duo, Bhumika & Jyoti have some seriously style cred to back up their fashion forward aesthetics.  

Their sustainable fashion philosophy is much more a conviction and a commitment rather than just a fashion trend. The designer duo passion for ethics, believes in recycling ‘Zero waste designs by using every last scrap, and yet conjure up some inspiring and innovative designs that would refuse to sacrifice super-cool style for sustainability. Whilst doing so, they are also contributing to building a new ecosystem  of entrepreneurship by  co-opting  like- minded vendors in jewellery, hair bands, umbrellas, accessories etc.


We get our inspiration from the nature around us. Our first collection for this new store is dedicated to the forest greens. Green represents the colour of life. Before the civilization, everything was a forest.

It is this canvas from where we drew our inspiration, the new budding of green leaves, the brown woods, dried leaves, fresh showers for the thirsting flowers, little bit of peaches, of yellow, of pinks We consider all of the rich details and variety that nature has to offer, in creating original, beautiful, nature-inspired design.

Our designs, texture, shape, patterns, floral embellishments are intended to blend in terms of both hue and shape with the environmental context”

Made with love

-- Bhumika & Jyoti

The Designers

Bhumika Chedda

Bhumika comes from a business family background, so it was not surprising that becoming an entrepreneur was the next logical step for her. Her tryst with fashion began when she joined her aunt, acclaimed designer Seema Roye who had opened her own standalone store at Warden Road.

She assisted Seema Roye for 10 years, understanding the minute details of the trade and creativity gave wings to her dreams of being a Fashion designer. At a young age Bhumika got her international exposures as she did shows with her mentor Seema Roye in London, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Nairobi etc. Being global at heart, she revelled at the international exposure, especially when she was part of the team in designing a special outfit for Beyonce, when she toured the Middle East.

 After earning her stripes she then joined her uncle in his family business Amarsons Collection, being the in-house designer, and did her own solo shows in the USA, Canada, Gulf etc. 

Jyoti Mukerji

Jyoti Mukerji started off as a science student, but then realised that creativity is her true calling. She finished her graduation in Arts from Mumbai university and is a diploma holder in apparel manufacture and designs from the prestigious SNDT university. As a kid, Jyoti was always interested in sketching, finishing, embroidery, textures, prints and the dreams of becoming a fashion designer, led her to joining a fashion institute in giving flight to her dreams. 

After completing her diploma in Fashion designing from SNDT College, Jyoti started styling for her sister in law, Rani Mukerji, along with her husband Raaja Mukerji. 

During this time.... Anurag Basu offered her the lead in his debut TV serial, thereby opening newer vistas and horizons in her career. She went to essay the lead characters in Prratima, Asha Ki Kiran, Santaan, Mulk, just to name a few and acquiring huge celebrity status and fans. She followed it up with key roles in Gharana, Aandhi ,Kabhi Aaye Na Judaai, Kitty Party, Lekin, etc.